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Do you want to offer Time & Attendance and Biometric solutions to your client base? Register as a reseller today and gain access to industry-leading products as well as world-class support.

Detailed product information, case studies and marketing material are compiled and shared with our resellers. We aim to work collaboratively to add value to our product portfolio and to the end customer.

Our product specialists work closely with resellers to develop solutions that assist with the sales process. 

We also offer white-labelling, where the platform can be configured to have your company’s branding and logo and hosted within our cloud services.


We provide cutting-edge software and hardware solutions to enable you to accurately measure & manage the performance of your staff members



Using Fingerprint and Face recognition technology, ensure that your business is secure and that each staff member has a unique electronic profile. Timetag’s technology will safeguard against staff cards being duplicated and removes the need for signing in. Unlike conventional clocking card machines this will eliminate Buddy Clocking using one fingerprint per each clock-in.

Our mobile app is for all businesses that have employees that work remotely as well as people with a small staff compliment.

This app will make it easy to control the clocking in and out of any staff member, no matter where they are located.



With labour being one of the biggest costs to any business, it’s important for businesses to accurately track and record their staff members time spent on the job. Timetag provides a simple, easy to use time & attendance solution which will ensure that you can monitor and control productive hours spent, overtime, integrate to payroll and be able to produce real time reporting at the click of a button.

Protect your business assets and staff with sophisticated electronic access control. As a business have full control as to whom and during which hours of the day, they can access your office sites.

The access control hardware is linked to your time & attendance software thereby ensuring a seamless end-to-end solution for detailed time-keeping.


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